Seed to Fashion

2023 I conducted this program for Highschool students who are in YouthGrow program of Regional Environmental Council. What we did is below. We had 6 workshops and an open house.

1. We harvested indigo leaves and dyed a silk scarf with them. 2. We learned how to spin wool to make yarn. we dyed alpaca yarn with marigold, onion skins, and indigo yarn. 3. We dyed more yarn. We over-dyed a yarn which was already dyed with marigold with indigo. They made green. 4. We set up warp threads on a loom. 5. & 6. We wove a scarf at the studio on a loom. 7. We had an open house at REC to report and share what we did.

Please watch this before applying. 

Seed to Fashion 2018

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