Japan Tour

The 10th SAORI Friendship Tour in 2023 is a go!

Date: May 15 -28 New Dates!

Maximum participants : 7 people Still available!

Fee: $3500 Excludes airfare. Include all the accommodations, breakfast and group meals(except drink), all group transportation.

Mihoko has been conducting a 2-week Japan tour since 2005. Her tour is not only visiting the SAORInomori Studio in Osaka but also visiting Buddhist temples, shrines, hot springs to understand the culture in depth. She has coordinated the itinerary with the tour members depending on their interests and she planned mix of individual times and group activities. The success of the tours are based on the good communication which Mihoko had time everyday for checking in and sharing their experiences and feelings. There are more than 4 people who returned to Japan in the tour which shows the value of the unique experience on this tour.

There is still some concern about COVID and related virus, however, the plan is on. 

Mihoko took some family members who wanted to be a part of journey in tours. As far as they respect our focus on SAORI / fiber art related theme, it should not be a problem.

SAORI weaving is a common language on the tour. I strongly recommend participants who have experience SAORI before the tour. 

Mihoko plans to accept application in February. It will be good if you are considering and have questions, please email her in January.

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